Detail from We Got Power!: The Descendents' Frank Navetta restringing his guitar, Dancing Waters, 1982.

Quick reminder! When it comes to explosive photos and writing about LA punks in the 1980s, WE GOT POWER!: Hardcore Punk Scenes From 1980s Southern California, by David Markey and Jordan Schwartz simply rules. Here’s a photo snapped by Jordan Schwartz of the Descendents’ guitarist Frank Navetta, caught in a brief eye of the hurricane moment. He’s changing strings on his guitar during an early gig in front of a few dozen people at San Pedro’s Dancing Waters—the location Martin Scorsese used when shooing the club scenes in Raging Bull. Joe Carducci’s essay about the band in these early days is a stormer.

WE GOT POWER! also features a complete color reprint of the We Got Power fanzine (81–83), plus essays by Henry Rollins, Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Dez Cadena and many more. Orders placed from ship today with exclusive BONUS “Oki Dog Punks” silkscreened black tote bag, while supplies last.



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