Printer proof for the SLAYER MAG X reissue underway at Bazillion Points:

If you haven’t heard, Bazillion Points is reissuing SLAYER MAG X, Jon Kristiansen’s crucial record of  black metal in Norway. Jon’s METALION book is the big picture, the full epic story of a life lived for metal—Slayer Mag X is the most sharply-focused, savage slice of that.

Released in 1994, the zine contains candid 1992-1994 interviews with bands like EMPEROR, BATHORY, MAYHEM, BURZUM, SATYRICON, ABRUPTUM, DISSECTION, DARKTHRONE, ENSLAVED, MARDUK, etc. Slayer Mag X is without question the fullest compendium (even including pages not covered in METALION) of first-hand source material relating to the “hot years” of Norwegian black metal. Any other book or movie is secondary, and after-the-fact.

We’ve been steadily preparing production throughout this brutal winter. The printer just delivered the final proof for the hardcover jacket—we said, “Yes, do it just like that!”

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