Week of March 29, 2014

Saturn’s Day 3/29, 6PM ET
Sun’s Day 3/30, 2PM ET
Tiw’s Day 4/1, 3PM ET
Thor’s Day 4/3, 9PM ET

By the roots of Yggdrasil, this week’s fearless metal history lesson host Ian Christe (“Sound of the Beast”/Bazillion Points) honors the valiant and bearded sounds of Viking metal. Strap on your horned helmet, hoist high your goblet, and join the marauding war party for a powerful and glorious collection of bellowed hymns by Enslaved, Bathory, Manowar, Amon Amarth, Emperor, Heidevolk, Thyrfing, Unleashed, and more! Know your Roots!

For a full education on Swedish viking metal bands including Bathory, Unleashed, and Amon Amarth, check out the essential SWEDISH DEATH METAL by Daniel Ekeroth. And for a heavy lesson in epic viking cinema, raid HEAVY METAL MOVIES today!


Enslaved – “The Sleeping Gods” from THE SLEEPING GODS
Enslaved – “Return to Yggdrasil” from ISA
Bathory – “Gods of Thunder of Wind and of Rain” from BLOOD ON ICE
Manowar – “Blood of my Enemies” from HAIL TO ENGLAND
Emperor – “A Fine Day To Die” from SCATTERED ASHES
Unleashed – “Before The Creation Of Time” from WHERE NO LIFE DWELLS
Amon Amarth – “With Oden On Our Side” from WITH ODEN ON OUR SIDE
Heidevolk – “Koning Radboud” from WALHALLA WACHT
Thyrfing – “Fordom” from DE ÖDESLÖSA
Mithotyn – “The Guardian” from GATHERED AROUND THE OAKEN TABLE
Tyr – “Hold the Heathen Hammer High” from BY THE LIGHT OF THE NORTHERN STAR
Ensiferum – “Victory Song” from VICTORY SONGS

<em>Bloody Roots is </em>Sound of the Beast<em> author (and Bazillion Points publisher) Ian Christe’s heavy metal history show on Sirius XM Liquid Metal channel 40. Since June 2004, each weekly show has examined another subgenre, band, movement, country, or theme. The show is available on-demand online from</em>


  1. What about Secret of The Runes by Therion(2001). This album deals with the meaning and explanation of the runic Viking Norse symbols like the runic alphabet.

    John Politis(


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