Printer samples of SLAYER X red hardcover reissue. Wow. Black metal history at its purest.

Our printer has hammered together some samples of our upcoming SLAYER Mag X reissue in all its crimson glory. We’ll be shipping these packages, including a limited red T-shirt, sometime later in May.

With contemporary interviews with bands like EMPEROR, BATHORY, MAYHEM, BURZUM, SATYRICON, ABRUPTUM, DISSECTION, DARKTHRONE, ENSLAVED, MARDUK, and many more, there is no better first-hand report of the crucial 1992-94 period of Norwegian black metal than this legendary tenth issue of Norway’s SLAYER MAG. Much of this material did appear in our massive METALION: The Slayer Mag Diaries anthology, but this is the complete unedited 84 pages, free of commentary and perspective, just young feral voices from the cities and forests of Norway. The coals burn red, for sure.

Pick up SLAYER MAG X here.


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