Nine pages of Bazillion Points heavy metal / punk book glory in Pitchfork Review #2.

“Honestly, This Book Changed My Life.”

The Spring 2014 issue of Pitchfork Media‘s new deluxe quarterly print publication The Pitchfork Review features a long profile of  Bazillion Points. The nine-page feature, “Extreme Volumes,” blends an interview with Bazillion Points founder Ian Christe  with Pitchfork writers discussing their favorite titles from the publisher’s impressive catalog of authoritative books on music, film, and DIY culture.

From the feature:

Pitchfork: How did you decide to start Bazillion Points?

Ian Christe: It was a rebellion. I’d been through the big book publishing process twice myself as an author. I had a background in DIY music, and I found the big publishers were so frustrating to deal with.

Pitchfork: Bazillion Points has been around for five years now, has it been hard to make a press work in this very digital environment? People aren’t used to paying for things.

IC: I think it’s worked because all of our books are filling a gaping need. There was nothing really thorough about Midwestern hardcore—then all of a sudden there’s this 576-page book about the entire revolution of hardcore from a Midwestern perspective and the rise of Detroit and Negative Approach in Touch and Go. It’s definitely been hard, but I think that we’re doing it right.

Pitchfork: As far as distribution goes, do a lot of the book sales happen online or are people finding them in book shops and records stores?

IC: It’s a mix of everything. We deal directly with as many music stores as we can. I feel like our books are right at the core of what a record store is, and every record store that sells a copy of Metalion should stock up on hundreds of black metal releases because whoever bought that book is going to be back tracking all that stuff down.

The full story appears in The Pitchfork Review, available via subscription at the publication’s website and select newsstands domestically and internationally. The interview also appears on the Pitchfork website:


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