Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Brazilian Thrash Metal
Week of May 31, 2014

Sat 5/31, 6PM ET
Sun 6/1, 2PM ET
Tues 6/3, 3PM ET
Thurs 6/5, 9PM ET

As the world attention looks to Brazil in the run-up to the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics 2016, this week Bloody Roots host Ian Christe (“Sound of the Beast”/Bazillion Points) delves into the history of unrest captured by Brazil’s legendary thrash metal legacy. Hear South American aggression from Sepultura, Sarcofago, Anthares, Violator, Holocausto, Torture Squad, the all-female Nervosa, Vulcano, and more! Know your Roots!

For early 1987-era interviews with Sepultura, Vulcano, and other Brazilian madmen, check out METALION: The Slayer Mag Diaries, by Jon Kristiansen, “the greatest heavy metal story ever told.”


Violator – “Futurephobia” from ANNIHILATION PROCESS EP
Anthares – “No Limite da Forca” from NO LIMITE DA FORCA
Sepultura – “Antichrist” from OVERDOSE SPLIT
Attomica – “Deathraiser” from DISTURBING THE NOISE
Sarcofago – “Deathrash” from I.N.R.I.
Vulcano – “Dominios of Death” from DOMINIOS OF DEATH
Dorsal Atlantica – “Thy Kingdom Come” from PROMO
Blasfemador – “Correntes do Mal” from ESTA NOITE ENCARNAREI NO TEU CADAVER
Metralion – “Disorder” from A MOSH IN BRAZIL
Holocausto “Campo De Exterminio” from CAMPO DE EXTERMINIO
Torture Squad – “Raise Your Horns” from AEQUILIBRIUM
Nervosa – “Masked Betrayer” from DEMO
Sodomizer – “Lucio Fulci” from JESUS IS NOT HERE TODAY
Slasher – Pray for the Dead” from PRAY FOR THE DEAD
Sepultura – Beneath The Remains” from UNDER SIEGE

Bloody Roots is Sound of the Beast author (and Bazillion Points publisher) Ian Christe’s heavy metal history show on Sirius XM Liquid Metal channel 40. Since June 2004, each weekly show has examined another subgenre, band, movement, country, or theme in metal, punk, and heavy rock. The show is available on-demand online from


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