This coming Memorial Day weekend, Bazillion Points will be slinging books at Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore. Side by side with our brothers-in-paper from Decibel Magazine, we will make sure the beer will flow, the meatballs will be plentiful, and the books will fly off the table and into your hands. Daniel Ekeroth, author of SWEDISH DEATH METAL and SWEDISH SENSATIONSFILMS will represent his native soil so please come by and say hi to him.

Highlights of the festival will include performances by Triptykon, fronted by Bazillion Points author Tom Gabriel Fischer (ONLY DEATH IS REAL); sets by HELLBENT FOR COOKING contributors Master, Obituary, Vulcano; MEAN DEVIATION approved Arcturus; and crossover legends D.R.I. featuringMURDER IN THE FRONT ROW photographer Harald Oimoen on bass. Plus a cast of thousands!

If you’re unable to attend, have your own festival with books from the Bazillion Points obsidian tower:


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