SWEDISH DEATH METAL: Grainy 1990 Grotesque Rehearsal Footage Gets the Goat


Straight out of Göteborg circa 1990, here’s some footage of Grotesque at their most…well..grotesque! Disinterred from the beyond the crypts of time, this gritty and beautifully oversaturated video flows like altar blood from a time when black and death metal were still fused like conjoined twins.

The live portions are a total wall of pain, and the rehearsal footage puts you right in the hopped-up, foul-smelling room as half-naked Tompa “Goatspell” Lindberg savages his young voice and Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin slays with his axe instead of his paintbrush. Hear the echoes of Autopsy! See the seeds of Swedish death metal! Watch as fearless Scandinavian stage divers take the deadly plunge and scrape the floor with their foreheads! These are the unrelenting sounds of crude hell-possessed death metal at its finest.

Catch up on Grotesque and then read the words of Tompa Lindberg here:


METALION: The Slayer Mag Diaries


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