Lo and behold, one of Sweden’s oldest extreme metal acts has released its debut (!!) album, a ripe 30 years after releasing arcane classic demos like The Puzzle, appearing in Slayer Mag, and setting all of Sweden and part of the world afire.

From Swedish Death Metal: “One of the very first brutal Swedish bands to follow the path laid out by Bathory, their cult status is firmly cemented. They started in Stockholm as Torment in 1984, but soon changed the name. As Mefisto, they created evil-sounding death/black metal to the limit. They were probably the first underground band in Sweden that got some attention, and they even had a manager to take care of their career. It obviously didn’t work, since they never played live and only recorded two demos before vanishing. A cult band if there ever was one.”


Mefisto - The Puzzle (1986)

Well, the band finally did appear on stage last year, playing Annick “The Morbid Chef” Giroux’s stellar Wings of Metal festival in Montreal alongside Angel Witch, Razor, and Vulcain. Fanfare ringing in their ears, Mefisto now presents the strangely titled This Is the End of It All… the Beginning of Everything… This release arrived three weeks ago, in late February via Vic Records, responsible for reissuing Carbonized’s classic debut For the Security last year.

Of course, the question now becomes whether Mefisto can live up to its legacy? Well, listen to “Void” and find out for yourself. The album is out on all major digital platforms as well as LP and CD, contact Vic Records for the details.



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