The scent of death is truly in the air in Sweden these days, as all of the oldest local death metal bands come crawling back out of the grave to spread their rot once again. Today, we bring you new music by the legendary Interment!

Formed in 1988 as Beyond, Interment released several demos in the 1990s before initially calling it quits. As Daniel Ekeroth writes in Swedish Death Metal: “It’s a shame these guys never made it, because they were so incredibly good. One of the best Swedish death metal bands ever.”

Well, the band seems to have taken Daniel’s words to heart, as they reformed soon after the book release and got down to business, producing five splits and one full-length.

The band’s second album, Scent of the Buried, arrives April 1st via the ever-reliable Dark Descent Records. They even got Tomas Skogsberg himself to record and mix it at Sunlight Studios! Check out this preview of “Sinister Incantation,” and see if you agree that this ranks on the top shelf of “If yer Boss HM-2 distortion pedal ain’t broke, don’t fix it” songwriting.

LISTEN: Dark Descent Records

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