Tonight, March 24, 2016, starts as a night for remembering—and will go down as a night to remember! The NYHC Chronicles presents a free show at 7:00 PM at Niagara to mark the 35th anniversary of shows at A7, the hardcore home found at that L.E.S. location during the halcyon days of hardcore in New York. Brawlers and gawkers alike welcome to another raucous night, with a very special bill featuring old-school bands the Undead, Antidote, Urban Waste, Ultra Violence, and Killer Instinct—plus DJ Jimmy G of Murphy’s Law.

Vinnie Stigma explains:

Vinnie Stigma "A7 35th Anniversary throwback show" promo

If you’re out of the area code, peer into these pages for the ultimate tales of the Undead, Antidote, Urban Waste, Ultra Violence, Jimmy G, Vinnie Stigma, A7 itself, and much more:

NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980–1990, by Tony Rettman




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