Back in 1992, when Metallica’s Black Album and Nirvana’s Nevermind were still new albums, and AxCx, Mayhem, and Eyehategod all had zero full-length releases, Bazillion Points publisher Ian Christe moved to New York and right away started doing 3AM to 6AM shows on WFMU in East Orange, NJ. Sure, the old house was stuck on the corner of a rotting (now defunct) college campus, and late-night machine gun fire was common, but that place was a cathedral of music…and every druid who hosts a show on ‘FMU remains a master of usually several obsession-ready corners of the sonic universe. Welcome to a decades-long dream where Naked City, Merzbow, the Shaggs, Von LMO, Jad Fair, Venom, Raymond Scott, and zillions others are classic rock.

Spinning the dial to 2016, and fresh-faced film director Tim K. Smith has just finished putting a few years into a documentary film exposing this phenomenal entity. Sex & Broadcasting has made the festival rounds, and is about to launch a full run at IFC Center at 6th Avenue and West Third Street in Manhattan. Multiple screenings daily from Wednesday, March 30, through at least Thursday, April 7, will be complemented by the following real-live in-the-flesh personality appearances:

WFMU General Manager Ken Freedman & Director Tim K. Smith Q&As at 7:30PM shows on Wed Mar 30 and Thu Mar 31

Additional Q&As by WFMU DJs include:

Irwin Chusid, Fri Apr 1 at 9:40
Pseu Braun, Sat Apr 2 at 4:35
DJ Trouble, Sun Apr 3 at 4:35
Gaylord Fields, Mon Apr 4 at 9:40
Dave the Spazz, Tue Apr 5 at 9:40
Dave Hill, Wed Apr 6 at 7:15
Therese Mahler, Thu Apr 7 at 7:15


And if you don’t live in New York, the United States, or planet Earth, connect with WFMU’s many live and archive music and irritainment streams AT THIS LOCATION: . Good luck finding a record ever pressed that hasn’t been played on this station.


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