HATRED Is the Swedish Death Metal Band of the Week

What happens when former members of legendary Swedish hardcore bands Asocial and Svart Parad form a metal band named after a Manowar song? In the opinion of Daniel Ekeroth, Hatred rose from the crusted ground of Hedemora in 1987 and became “the best thrash metal band Sweden ever produced,” recording three essential demos between ’87 and 1990.

Departing from the inspiration of heavier NWOBHM bands, the debut “Winds of Doom” demo was a guiding darkness for the rise of Sweden’s fast-arriving death metal hordes. You can hear little moments of Nihilist/Entombed’s punky swagger. As the singer left for more successful Swedish thrashers Hexenhaus, everybody else piled into high-quality death metal bands like Interment, Centinex, and Dellamorte. “Do whatever it takes to get their demos,” says Ekeroth.



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