HEAVY METAL MOVIES: Mike “McBeardo” McPadden Invades the Double-Page Spread Podcast

HEAVY METAL MOVIES author Mike “McBeardo” McPadden’s onslaught on podcasts continues, as he whips open the Double Page Spread show and dispenses with his one-in-a-million morass of vehement wisdom. The show description is right on:

Outspoken writer Mike ‘McBeardo’ McPadden has had a long and tawdry history with cinema, including writing for online phenomenon Mr. Skin as well as Hustler, VH1, and Esquire. He joins Wendi for an engrossing and fun talk about his life in New York during the grindhouse era, his epic book Heavy Metal Movies, and his current research into the history of teen sex comedies.
 Hear you go!



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