Comedian Fred Armisen has ventured back into Bazillion Points territory, this time posting a portrait of WE GOT POWER! author Jordan Schwartz and mainstay Herb Lienau from backstage at a Bob Mould show in Los Angeles. “They have such friendly faces!”

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I met these two guys, Jordan and Herb, backstage at the Bob Mould show in LA. To me, this is what punk really looks like (at least in the white male category). They have such friendly faces! Growing up in suburban NY, I was always a little envious of the LA punk scene. I don't know why. It looked like everyone was having fun. I loved everything on SST records. Jordan (who worked for SST) told me that he enjoyed the Crisis of Conformity sketch on SNL, and my immediate answer was "that was for you!" It was a kind of direct message to people who grew up on hardcore. I've taken pictures of Mike Watt, Curt Kirkwood and Bob Mould. There has to be a way to get them all in one picture someday, right? #sst

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Of course, Jordan’s book is filled with early ’80s photos combining members of Circle Jerks, Black Flag, and Minutemen—or Descendents, Black Flag, and Saccharine Trust. Armisen’s right, they were having fun. Party or go home!

WE GOT POWER!: Hardcore Punk Scenes from 1980s Southern California





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