If you prefer your 1980s heavy metal to be marinated in strong ale, clad in spandex and animal stripes, and, if possible, floating on a homemade viking longship complete with towering dragon heads, then cheers to you. German prog rockers turned debauched headbangers Faithful Breath spent the warmest day of summer 1985 in Bochum floating around in search of fun, playing oar guitars and banging on pontoons while shooting a video for the title track of their tenth (!) album, Skol.

Now that this video is hundreds of years old, most of the color has jumped ship, but don’t blink around the two-minute mark or you’ll miss being blinded by a flash of the hot pink and neon orange garb the band chose to complement their viking helmets.

Basically, the next person who tells you heavy metal takes itself too seriously needs to go jump in a lake.


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