From Örebro they came, and under the profound influence of Carcass they furiously flourished—one of the most over-the-top, off-with-their-heads, party-with-their-guts-out, goremonger cabals of their day. The one and and only NECRONY, was founded in 1990 as Necrotony by Anders Jakobsson, a death metal maven who simultaneously published the killer zine Hymen. The two-man splatter squad featured Jakobsson on guitar and bass and Rickard Alriksson on drums, with both main members providing brutal vocals.

Dan Wall plays some guitar on Necrony’s 1991 demo, Severe Malignant Pustule and Dan Swanö of Edge of Sanity guests on their 1994 covers collection, Necronycism: Distorting the Originals, where the group pays tribute to Napalm Death, Impetigo, Repulsion, Bolt Thrower, and, via five of the record’s twelve tracks, Carcass (of course).

Necrony soaked its snowy surroundings entrails-red until 1996. “Being so unoriginal, they failed to impress me back then,” says Daniel Ekeroth in Swedish Death Metal. “Listening to them today, they actually sound pretty good! Jakobsson had reportedly never held a guitar before starting Necrony!”

In time, the pair started the side-project Nasum, and, well, the rest is Swedish death metal and grindcore history. Check out the group’s full-length 1993 pulverizer Pathological Performances and see if you don’t launch your own celebratory slaughter-fest.




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