Arising from the old Swedish city Hedemora in 1990, the eardrum-pummeling Centinex has ventured forth from an initial hardcore hybrid featuring two lead vocalists into what Swedish Death Metal author Daniel Ekeroth calls: “pure death territory…settling somewhere between the Swedish and American sounds.”

Two demos in 1991, Stupid Humanity and End of Life, set the course for the band’s hideously decorated debut long-player in ’92, Subconscious Lobotomy. From there, the band proved prolific, regularly issuing demos, albums and EPs over the course of the next fifteen years, despite regular label-hopping and personnel shake-ups. Through it all, founding bassist Martin Schulman remained at the forefront.

The group’s most dramatic change occurred in 1999, when three active members of Ekeroth’s former band Dellamorte climbed joined Schulman’s brood: singer Johan Jansson; guitarist Jonas Kjellgren; and Kenneth Wiklund—who played drums in Dellamorte, but switched to guitar for Centinex. In 2000, Jansson switched to playing drums. For long periods, they were using a drum machine called “Kalimaa.”

Schulman officially disbanded Centinex in 2006, with core members Schulman, Jansson, and drummer Ronny Bergastahl reinventing themselves as Demonical (the mult-instrumentalist Jansson played guitar this time).

Centinex proper reemerged in 2013 with the Teutonische Invasion EP, followed by the albums Redeeming Filth (2014) and Doomsday Rituals (2016). The present lineup consists of new players, surrounding the madman who first lit the fuse. Says Ekeroth: “The only original member, Martin Schulman, must be given all the credit for his constant battle in the name of death metal.”

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