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TEEN MUSIC HELL: Jeff Alan Band from LOSIN’ IT (1983) | The Official Teen Movie Hell Mixtape

Welcome to a Walkman-melting, battery-sapping countdown of teen comedy soundtrack cuts assembled by Mike “McBeardo” McPadden, author of TEEN MOVIE HELL: A Crucible of Coming-of-Age Comedies from Animal House to Zapped! This is your Teen Movie Hell mixtape. Crank it carefully—and use it extremely unwisely!

Track #8. THE JEFF ALAN BAND, “Losin’ It” from Losin’ It (1983)

Just like the Tom Cruise and Shelley Long (and Jackie Earle Haley!) movie to which the song is attached, “Losin’ It” rings with sexual desperation that only a night in Tijuana can cure. Unlike Sin City, Mexico, however, this theme song is a tightly processed 1983 concoction of upbeat synthesized Farfisa and preprogrammed beats. The ice cubes are safe, the song goes down easy, and everyone ends up happily fuzzed and buzzed.

The sing-along chorus is a keeper, to be sure, and, if you never thought of it before, now you know forever that “Losin’ it!” and “Abusin’ it!” rhyme! Just watch out for corrupt sheriffs as you blast this while cruising through small towns on your next road trip, okay?

Are you really ready for summer? Then blast the Teen Music Hell playlist while you plunge straight into the book TEEN MOVIE HELL:





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