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The NYHC Band of the Week Is CRUMBSUCKERS

Parris Mayhew, Cro-Mags: "The only New York hardcore band that ever really blew me away was the Crumbsuckers."

TEEN MUSIC HELL: Tangerine Dream from Risky Business | The Official Teen Movie Hell Mixtape

The song swells and pulsates and melts in the manner of what Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay do onboard the Pink Line.

Roots of Australian Atmospheric Black Metal | on Sirius XM

Check out early entries from ten years back by Austere and Woods of Desolation, plus current offerings by the mournful and majestic Aquilus, Somnium Vox, Thrall, and more.

CAUSE FOR ALARM Is the NYHC Band of the Week

Their self-released eight-song 1983 7-inch EP is classic ripping hardcore punk, faster and more metallic than most NYHC bands at that time. 

TEEN MUSIC HELL: Donna Fein from Midnight Madness | The Official Teen Movie Hell Mixtape Countdown

Welcome, cable TV, VCR, and drive-in cinema fanatics, to a boombox-blasting, battery-sapping countdown of teen comedy soundtrack cuts assembled by Mike “McBeardo” McPadden, author...

Roots of 1980s Metal Heroes in the 1990s | on Sirius XM

We look at the development and diversions explored in metal's lost years by Kreator, Rob Halford, Dio, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Napalm Death, Testament, Death, and more.
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