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Roots of Funk Metal This Week on SiriusXM

Prepare for a lively, unbrutal hour of freaky, kinetic funk and metal conjured by Infectious Grooves, Funkadelic, Primus, Ignorance, Scatterbrain, Mr. Bungle, 24-7 Spyz, Sweaty Nipples, Maximum the Hormone, and much more

ROOTS Salutes Death by Metal, the Chuck Schuldiner Documentary, on SiriusXM

ROOTS Salutes Death by Metal—the Chuck Schuldiner Documentary—on SiriusXM w/special guest Felipe Belalcazar week of July 7, 2018 Sat 7/7, 6PM ET Sun 7/8, 1PM ET Mon 7/9, 9AM...

Roots of the Dark Occult World of Heavy Rock Today on SiriusXM

The heavy rock of Khemmis, Cloak, Tribulation, Ghost, Death Alley, Pallbearer, Chelsea Wolfe, Satyricon, and more.

Roots of the Exhumed Family of U.S. Metal Freaks on SiriusXM

Exhumed and the vast infectious network of related bands Impaled, Ghoul, Dekapitator, Gruesome, Pounder, Intronaut, Cretin, Mortuous, Expulsion, Gravehill, and more...

Roots of Technical German Death Metal on SiriusXM

Gore and guts meet the precision craftsmanship and spiraling imaginations of the German bands Necrophagist, Defeated Sanity, Obscura, Profanity, Hannes Grossmann, and many others

Roots of Metal vs. 1980s New Wave on SiriusXM

1980s new wave hits devoured by Demolition Hammer, Metallica, Deadhorse, Vader, Firewind, Fear Factory, Converge, Celtic Frost, Fu Manchu, and others
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