ROOTS of Aliens and UFO Sightings in Metal | on SiriusXM

Transmissions from Hypocrisy, Agent Steel, Voivod, Atheist, Dream Theater, Nocturnus, Emmure, the Contortionist, Devin Townsend, and more.

Bloody Roots of NYDM: New York Death Metal | on SiriusXM

Take a tour of the neck-snapping, real-life brutality and expertise of Suffocation, Immolation, Incantation, Mortician, and many more

Bloody Roots of Brazil’s 1980s Raw Metal Attack | on SiriusXM

Brazil's over-the-top frenzied headbanger invasion, with Sepultura, Sarcofago, Vulcano, Mystifier, Holocausto, Mutilator, and more

ROOTS of Post-2010 Death Metal Rising | on SiriusXM

Brutality and rot from the likes of Tomb Mold, Horrendous, Gruesome, Gatecreeper, Blood Incantation, Frozen Soul, 200 Stab Wounds, and more

ROOTS Goes Back to School for Math in Metal | on SiriusXM

Candiria, Dillinger Escape Plan, Blotted Science, Mastodon, Sliang Laos, Breadwinner, Botch, Necrophagist, and other metal mathematicians

ROOTS of the Best Metal Debuts of 2022 | on SiriusXM

a horde of new bands w/ members of Autopsy, Municipal Waste, In Flames, Trivium, High on Fire, Power Trip, Metallica, Absu, Trivium, Midnight

ROOTS of Rare Collectible Metal Vinyl | on SiriusXM

$100,000 worth of metal and hardcore vinyl by Bathory, Iron Maiden, Judge and Mayhem, plus Flames of Hell, Militia, Paradoxx, Fallout and more
Roots Pantera Refresher

The ROOTS Pantera Refresher Session for Summer 2023 | on SiriusXM

Pantera captured live, plus tributes from Whitechapel, Cataract, Aborted, and Dream Theater. Down and Damageplan also feature.

ROOTS of 1983: The Storm Before the Thrash | on SiriusXM

Face-melting 1983 ragers by Exciter, Raven, Satan, Venom, Accept, Acid, Anvil, Manowar, plus early efforts by Overkill and Anthrax

ROOTS of Brazilian Metal Veterans | on SiriusXM

tracks from 2018 through 2023 by Mutilator, Cavalera, MX, Ratos de Porao, The Troops of Doom, Holocausto, Vulcano, Mystifier, Sepultura, and more!

ROOTS Metal Creator Series | EXCITER & EMPEROR | on SiriusXM

Hugely influential Canadian metal maniacs EXCITER get their due alongside Norwegian black metal greats EMPEROR. Know Your Roots!

ROOTS of San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Metal | on SiriusXM

Merciless S.F. Bay Area thrash metal w/ Exodus, Death Angel, Possessed, Testament, Blind Illusion, early Metallica, Forbidden and more

ROOTS of Clean Vocals in Extreme Metal | on SiriusXM

Clean vocals in heavy tracks by Morbid Angel, Opted, Borknagar, Enslaved, Akercocke, Primordial, Monuments, Fear Factory, and more

ROOTS Anniversary of Iron Maiden’s PIECE OF MIND | on SiriusXM

Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind w/ rare Maiden, Tyr, White Wizzard, Sonata Arctica, Cohered and Cambria, Fozzy, Morgion, and more
Violator - Roots of Neo-Thrash Metal playlist

Roots of Neo-Thrash Metal: Thrashback in the 2000s | on SiriusXM

Neo-thrash revivalists Municipal Waste, Havoc, Ghoul, Power Trip, Game Bomb, Violator, Lich King, Warbringer, Vektor, and more
Agalloch - Roots of Romantic Black Metal on SiriusXM

ROOTS of Romantic Black Metal | on SiriusXM

Emotional black metal tracks by Agalloch, Ulver, In the Woods..., Botanist, Empyrium, Myrkur, and more

ROOTS of Bolt Thrower Worship | on SiriusXM

Bolt Thrower and covers by Misery Index and Dying Fetus, plus an army of bands, including War Master, Hellshock, Chainsword, and more

ROOTS of 1983: The Storm Before the Thrash | on SiriusXM

A face-melting hour of 1983 ragers by Exciter, Raven, Satan, Venom, Accept, Acid, Anvil, Manowar, and early efforts by Overkill and Anthrax


Rich, dark Greek metal by Varathron, Rotting Christ, Nightfall, Septicflesh, Necromantia, Dead Congregation, Domination Inc., Yoth Iria

ROOTS of the NWOBHM Tradition | on SiriusXM

NWOBHM tracks by Tank, Venom, Saxon, Diamond Head, more, as they inspired Kreator, Slayer, Opeth, In Flames, Metallica, and more.