Roots of 21st Century Metal Comebacks | on SiriusXM

Featuring bands dormant for ten years or more, including Carcass, Angel Witch, Cirith Ungol, Exhorder, At the Gates, Sacred Reich, Sleep

Roots Remembers Edward Lodewijk Van Halen | on SiriusXM

This week we remember Eddie Van Halen, the king of heavy metal guitar.

ROOTS of 1990: Thrash Metal’s Hour of Reckoning | on SiriusXM

Prime 1990 offerings by Destruction, Megadeth, Exodus, Forbidden, Artillery, Anthrax, Prong, Kreator, and Suicidal Tendencies

ROOTS of Infectious Plague Metal | on SiriusXM

Infectious plague- and pandemic-themed tracks by Cannibal Corpse, Death, Slayer, Pestilence, Kreator, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, and more

ROOTS of Black Sabbath’s PARANOID at 50 | on SiriusXM

Fifty years of Black Sabbath's PARANOID, exploring its creation, bracing lyrics, and tributes by Slayer, Megadeth, Type O Negative, and more

Roots of Killing Joke | on SiriusXM

In the ominous, relentless world of Killing Joke: four decades of heavy tracks and covers by Metallica, Prong, Fear Factory, Behemoth, Helmet

ROOTS of Black Sabbath’s Debut | 50 Years of Metal on SiriusXM

Roots celebrates the birth of heavy metal and fifty years since February 13, 1970, and the release of the first Black Sabbath LP

ANTIDOTE | NYHC Band of the Week

Matt Warnke, Bold: "Antidote's Thou Shalt Not Kill is one of the singularly sickest, most perfect blasts of hardcore ever created."

ROOTS of Post-Black Metal | on SiriusXM

Sounds from the black metal toolbox—but don't call it black metal—by Solstafir, Deafheaven, Altar of Plagues, Oranssi Pazuzu, and more

ROOTS of Interstellar Outer Space Metal | on SiriusXM

Look to the stars and listen for tracks by Gojira, Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Voivod, Blood Incantation, Satyricon, Iron Maiden, and more

ROOTS of 2019 Metal Debuts, Parts I & II | on SiriusXM

Featuring Idle Hands, Creeping Death, Judiciary, Devil Master, Gaahls Wyrd, Nocturnus A.D., Ithaca, Wormwitch, Gravefields, Black Passage, and more.

ROOTS of 1990: Death Metal’s Big Breakout | on SiriusXM

Gruesome instant classic 1990 records by Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Obituary, Nocturnus, Paradise Lost, and, of course, Entombed

ROOTS Riots for 50 YEARS of the Stooges Fun House | on SiriusXM

Join us for a fifty-year Fun House party with tracks by the Stooges, Iggy Pop solo, Pig Destroyer, Suicidal Tendencies, the Damned, Antiseen, Monster Magnet, Slayer, and others

Close the Beaches: ROOTS Celebrates SHARK WEEK! | on SiriusXM

Razor-sharp attacks from Accept, Wolf, Wehrmacht, Loincloth, Darkthrone, Warhead, Municipal Waste, the Acacia Strain, Gallows, Overkill, Squalus, and more.

Roots of 1985: Thrash Metal’s Arrival | 50 Years of Metal on SiriusXM

Ferocious assaults from Megadeth, Overkill, Slayer, Destruction, Kreator, Celtic Frost, Razor, Hirax, Artillery, Agent Steel, Possessed, and Anthrax

Roots of Classic Metallic Hardcore | 50 Years of Metal on SiriusXM

Discharge, Agnostic Front, Negative Approach, Raw Power, Die Kreuzen, G.B.H., Broken Bone, SNFU, Dr. Know, Angry Samoans, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, and more

Roots of Native American Metal | on Sirius XM

Native American metal bands including Nechochwen, Dying Tribe, Resistant Culture (pictured), Damage Overdose, Pan-Amerikan Native Front, Testament, and more.

ROOTS Walks Thirty Years of Entombed’s LEFT HAND PATH | on SiriusXM

We herald the thirty-year anniversary of LEFT HAND PATH, the debut masterpiece by Swedish death metal masters ENTOMBED

Roots of Metal Comeback Albums | on SiriusXM

A celebration of bands dormant for ten years or more, including Carcass, Angel Witch, Cirith Ungol, Immortal, At the Gates, Sacred Reich, Sleep & Exhorder

ROOTS of the 1980s Metal Demo Tape Trading Scene | on SiriusXM

Blasting the raw energy of early demo tapes by Megadeth, Metallica, Hellhammer, Morbid Angel, Carcass, Death, Nasty Savage and others.