ROOTS: Hellfest 2024’s French Metal Revelations | on SiriusXM

Hellfest 2024's select vintage of French metal + hardcore including Mass Hysteria, Stinky, Eight Sins, Lofofora, Destinity, Houle, Klone, Pensees Nocturnes...

MIDNIGHT Author Hannah Verbeuren: “In Cleveland There’s a Lot of Angst,...

Hannah Verbeuren discusses her new MIDNIGHT black metal punk rock 'n' roll photo book with Statiknoise

ROOTS of Native American Metal: July 4 Edition | on SiriusXM

Native American metal w/Hell Throne, Blood Wolf, Testament, Blackbraid, Nechochwen, Yoties w/Sage Bond, Resistant Culture, I Don't Konform...

Roots of Family Metal Bands | on Sirius XM

Brothers and sisters in metal bands including Cavalera, Savatage, Deicide, Arch Enemy, Gojira, At the Gates, Lamb of God, and more

ROOTS of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS in METAL | on SiriusXM Liquid...

D&D-inspired metal by Visigoth, Throne of Iron, Sabbat, 3 Inches of Blood, The Black Dahlia Murder, Bolt Thrower, Black Sabbath, and more.

ROOTS of Opera Singers in Metal | on SiriusXM

Opera singers in metal with Celtic Frost, Therion, Nightwish, Epica, Septicflesh, Igorrr, Skalmold, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and more

ROOTS Honors MAYHEM’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas 1994-2024 | on SiriusXM

DE MYSTERIIS DOM SATHANAS w/ live recordings and tributes by Emperor, Immortal, Gorogoroth, Dark Funeral, doomslayers Crypt Sermon, and more.

ROOTS of 1994: The Year in Groove Metal | on SiriusXM

Thirty years ago was peak groove metal: Machine Head, Sepultura, Obituary, Slayer, Pantera, Prong, Biohazard, Pro-Pain, and Korn

ROOTS Pays Tribute to Steve Albini | on SiriusXM

Steve Albini's band Big Black, covers by Fear Factory and Lamb of God, plus Helmet, Neurosis, Jesus Lizard, Burning Witch, High on Fire, more

ROOTS of Metal Bass Evolution | on SiriusXM

The thunderous evolution of metal bass rumble feat. Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, S.O.D., Megadeth, Racer X, Death, Mudvayne, Cliff Burton...

ROOTS Salutes Metal Doomfather Ozzy Osbourne | on SiriusXM

Ozzy's heaviest recordings with Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne solo, plus collaborations with Rick Wakeman, Tony Iommi, and Rob Zombie

ROOTS of Sticky Green Marijuana Metal | on SiriusXM

Hit after hit by Sleep, May Blitz, Seedeater, Bongzilla, Down, Acid Witch, Cannabis Corpse, Six Feet Under, and more

ROOTS of Metal Re-Recordings | on SiriusXM

Metal do-overs for Exodus, Anthrax, Testament, Sodom, Destructions, Sepultura, Dimmu Borgir, and more.

ROOTS of Post-2010 Death Metal Apostles | on SiriusXM

Joyously rotten brutality by Tomb Mold, Horrendous, Gruesome, Gatecreeper, Undeath, Blood Incantation, Frozen Soul, 200 Stab Wounds, and more

ROOTS of NYDM | New York Death Metal | on SiriusXM

Scrape the NY sidewalks w/Suffocation, Immolation, Incantation, Mortician, plus Pyrexia, Malignancy, Demolition Hammer, Internal Bleeding

ROOTS Metal Creator Series: Midnight & Cirith Ungol | on SiriusXM

Unravel the raw mystery of MIDNIGHT and bid farewell to unique pioneers CIRITH UNGOL

ROOTS of Women in Extreme Metal | on SiriusXM

Join us in celebration of Détente, Adorior, Arch Enemy, Derketa, Sacrilege UK, Cloud Rat, Nervosa, Znowhite, Thorr's Hammer, and many more

ROOTS of Classic 1980s Power Metal…and the Ongoing Mystery Band |...

The 1980s power metal mystery lives... help ID the mystery track and check out similar classics by Overkill, Jag Panzer, Riot, Helstar

ROOTS Honors 30 Years of Emperor’s In the Nightside Eclipse |...

We celebrate 30 years of Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse Norwegian black metal masterpiece

ROOTS Metal Superbowl 2024: San Francisco vs. Kansas City

Order from Chaos, Anacrusis, Coalesce, Origin, Hammerhedd face down Bay Area forces w/ Testament, Death Angel, Exodus, Autopsy, and Forbidden