Bloody Roots of Haunting Female-Fronted Heavy Occult Metal on SiriusXM

The best of recent incantations by Castle, Lucifer (pictured), Wooden Stake, Holy Grove, Serpentcult, Cauchemar, Mansion, and more.




Roots Hails Forty Years of Judas Priest’s Cutting-Edge Stained Class LP on SiriusXM

Showcasing otherworldly vocals, precise harmonized guitars, and unprecedented speed, we honor Rob Halford, KK Downing, Ian Hill, Les Binks, and especially Glenn Tipton

Cliff Burton Day: Roots of Metallica’s Demo Tape Days 1981-1983 on SiriusXM

As Castro Valley, California, honors its native major bass rager with an official Cliff Burton Day on his birthdate, February 10, Roots unravels an hour of cassette tape trader treasures.

Thurs 2/8, San Diego: Rettman’s pre-LA Weekend STRAIGHT EDGE Panel at Super7

Whether you wear an X on your hand or an XXX on your moonshine jug, come out and support and enjoy almost four decades of DIY rebellion.


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Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Powerviolence

If you blinked, you might have missed the split-second contortions of the powerviolence scene

NYHC: Bad Brains and the Big Payback

Frontman H.R. and guitarist Dr. Know of hardcore punk giants Bad Brains are each facing serious health issues. In the spirit of keeping up...

WE GOT POWER!: Middle Class/Meat Puppets/MC Keith Morris To Play Book Party on 10/6

Dave Markey and Jordan Schwartz have the greatest Rolodex in hardcore


SHERIFF McCOY: Hanoi Rocks Get “Strange” in Retrospective Six-LP Hanoi Box

Strange Boys, a remastered collection of the first five albums by Finnish glam-trash punk-metal legends Hanoi Rocks, will strut with style into stores on...