Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Heavy Metal in Outer Space

This week's metal history lesson features metal from across the galaxy by Voivod, Satyricon, Assassin, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Cathedral, Gojira, Inquisition, and more!

Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Technical Death Metal

A master class of bizarre overachiever head-cracking bands like Gorguts, Meshuggah, Cynic, Death, Necrophagist, Demilich, and more!

TOUCH AND GO: Decibel Streams New Meatmen Song Today

Weenbags and wenches with the appropriate amount of cojones can follow this link to the song "Dinosaur"

Latest Blog Points

BAZILLION POINTS To Ditch Paper in 2015; Full Catalog Google Glass Conversion Underway

Digital just means better when it comes to music, special effects, food, and books.

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Sunday 4/6, Seattle: Bruce Pavitt at the Experience Music Project

EXPERIENCING NIRVANA: Grunge in Europe, 1989, author Bruce Pavitt joins a top-shelf crew of luminaries for a FREE event this coming Sunday at the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle, WA.

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Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Berserker Viking Metal

Strap on your horned helmet, hoist high your goblet, and join the marauding war party for a powerful and glorious collection of bellowed hymns!

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SLAYER Mag X Reissue: Red Jacket Printer Proofs Approved

Slayer Mag X is without question the fullest compendium of first-hand source material relating to the “hot years” of Norwegian black metal.

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Welcome to Firenado Country!

Beast wishes to Rocky Mountain Arsenal firefighter Thomas Rogers for capturing this crazy “firenado” on video

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R.I.P. Dave Brockie, 1963–2014; GWAR’s Oderus Urungus

Dave fought the law, he fought censorship, he fought complacency, he fought macho metal shit-talkers by the hundreds, and of course he always won.

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Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Early European Speed Metal

Featuring Living Death, Warhead, SxDxIx, Bulldozer, Cyclone, Poltergeist, ADX, Oz, and many more!

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Black Metal Relic: Slayer Mag # 3/4 From 1986 Is Up for Grabs

The Slayer Mag Archives are opening up a little and releasing some treasure.

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3/30, Brooklyn: Music Book Club #1 Tackles What Are You Doing Here?

“The concept is simple. we pick a book, you read it, then we get together for discussion, drinks, and music listening.”

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3/26, London: Experiencing Nirvana Photo Show Opening at Proud Camden

Proud Camden presents Experiencing Nirvana—marking the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s untimely death—an exhibition by photographers Charles Peterson and Steve Double

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Sirius XM Bloody Roots St. Patrick’s Day Thin Lizzy Tribute

We celebrate the ancient folk hero Saint Patrick this week with a full hour of dual-guitar tributes to beloved Irish hard rock saviors Thin Lizzy.

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SAT 3/29: Bruce Pavitt Talks Nirvana at Bookpeople, Moscow, Idaho

Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe, 1989, author Bruce Pavitt will appear at Bookpeople of Moscow, ID, on Saturday, March 29

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WE GOT POWER!: The Descendents’ Frank Navetta in San Pedro, 1982

When it comes to explosive photos and writing about LA punks in the 1980s, WE GOT POWER!: Hardcore Punk Scenes From 1980s Southern California, by David Markey and Jordan Schwartz, simply rules.

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Sirius XM Bloody Roots of First Singers

Singers whose performances helped launch the efforts of bands including Anthrax, Faith No More, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Kataklysm, Exodus, Candlemass, Arch Enemy, and Cannibal Corpse.

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Cliff Burton’s First Soundcheck w/Metallica—the Burton/Hetfield/Mustaine Attack

Pictured above, a shot by Brian Lew of Metallica’s soundcheck prior to Cliff Burton’s first show with the band, March 5, 1983.

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April 2014: Cauchemar “Dark Meditations” Tour Canada/Europe

Hellbent for Cooking author Annick Giroux’s excellent band Cauchemar is going on tour.

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Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Horror Writer H.P. Lovecraft and Metal

Bloody Roots explores metal songs drawn from Lovecraft’s tales of Cthulu, Dr. Herbert West, the Dagon fish cult, and Dunwich horrors

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SLAYER MAG X Printer Proofs Have Arrived

Bazillion Points is reissuing SLAYER MAG X, the most significant original source material for Norway’s early 1990s black metal scene.

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Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Comic Book-Inspired Metal

A handful of classic songs about Iron Man, Thor, Judge Dredd, Spiderman, Ghost Rider, Conan, and others as performed by heavy metal heroes .

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Daniel Ekeroth’s Cannibals, Bloody Nuns, and Swedish Sensationsfilms

First in a series of Bazillion Points authors standing in front of massive vaults of VHS tapes.

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Inspirational Classic Metal + Punk Demo Cassettes

Whiplash: Kings With the Axes

Looks like someone in Holland got wise and re-released Whiplash’s 1984 Thunderstruk ...

Incubus: Were They Morbid? Yes.

Of course this isn’t the boy band Incubus, but it isn’t the ...

Dream Death: Never Thought Life Could Be So Damn Evil

In the annals of forgotten, unappreciated, worthy pioneers, Pittsburgh sludge lords Dream ...