Bloody Roots Honors Defenders of the Old on Sirius XM

Bloody Roots unearths classic molten tracks by performers Exciter, the Rods, Riot, and Brocas Helm, as well as new breed metal defenders Cauchemar, Natur, October 31, High Spirits and others

Behind Closed Doors: Laina Dawes Ace Hotel New York Residency Talk

The Ace Hotel residency was a chance to build a supportive environment where women could talk openly about their experiences—both the good and the painful.

Bloody Roots of Danish Metal on Sirius XM

Situated between Scandinavia and Germany, Danish bands like Mercyful Fate, Artillery, Illdisposed, and Invocator have woven together Nordic darkness with Teutonic precision.

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Sunday, Mar 1, Brooklyn: NYHC Matinee w/NIHILISTICS/The High and the Mighty/Altercation/NYHC Chronicles Preview

NYHC author Tony Rettman joins a rich lineup of legacy NYHC greats at 3PM, Sunday, March 1, for a hardcore matinee show

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Daniel Ekeroth Talks Books and Swedish Metal w/Paris’ TV Rock Live

“Hi, this is Daniel Ekeroth from Iron Lamb, and I am so fucking pleased to be on TV Rock Live.”

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Mon March 2, Seattle: Bruce Pavitt Live Interview w/Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon on GIRL IN A BAND Memoir

Kim Gordon will sit down with Sub Pop USA author / Sub Pop founder Bruce Pavitt at the the Neptune (1303 NE 45th Street) in Seattle, WA on Monday, March 2

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Sat/Sun, Feb 20-21, Paris: Daniel Ekeroth’s Whirlwind Wine-Drenched 48-Hour French Bacchanal

The very first Bazillion Points author’s dedication to extreme metal and the darkest corners of European cinema will be on display this weekend as Paris burn with Daniel Ekeroth fever.

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Bloody Roots Heavy Metal Sweethearts of Valentine’s Day on Sirius XM

The sweethearts of metal history, women with names like Martha, Isa, Elisabeth Bathory, Abigail, Lucifera, Martha Splatterhead, and more

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Tuesday Feb 24, New York: NYHC Dancing in the Frontlines at NYU

NYU hosts Tony Rettman (NYHC author) and NYHC veterans Richie Birkenhead (Underdog, Into Another, Youth of Today) and Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Youth of Today) for a discussion of the unique time, place, sound, and mindset of New York hardcore. Kelefa Sanneh will moderate.

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Bloody Roots of Icy Frozen Winter Metal on Sirius XM

A storm of cold winter metal tracks by Mayhem, Voivod, Samael, Dissection, Starkweather, Witchcraft, Shining, and many more.

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Sat Feb 7, Seaview, WA: Bruce Pavitt and Calvin Johnson Throw a SUB POP USA Party at Sou’wester Cabins

Folks are encourage to book a room/cabin/trailer at the Sou’wester Lodge and get deep with Bruce, Calvin, Sub Pop USA , and the edge of the sea.

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Bloody Roots of Sci-Fi Thrash and Speed Metal on Sirius XM

Log into the matrix for tracks by Vektor, Voivod, Funerot, Space Eater, Municipal Waste, Megadeth, Agent Steel, Acid Storm, Dr. Living Dead, and more!

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Je Suis Heavy! Bloody Roots of French Metal on Sirius XM

This week’s metal history lesson blows out the boundaries of unrestricted self-expression with a thirty-year review of dramatic, mind-bending metal from France.

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Bloody Roots Intro to Metal for Frozen-Obsessed Children on Sirius XM

Look for metallic links in the dramatic, dewy-eyed fables of Nightwish, Dio, the Gathering, Leaves Eyes, Epica, Within Temptation, Hammerfall, and others.

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Fri 1/30, Los Angeles: David Markey Talks Punk/DIY Publishing at LA Art Book Fair

David Markey joins Ben Lee Ritchie Handler, Toby Mott, and Allison Wolfe in a discussion of the evolution and importance of DIY and independent publishing.

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Bloody Roots of 2014 Metal Debuts on Sirius XM

This week’s metal history lesson excavates some of the sharpest, hardest artifacts from the fresh dig site of 2014.

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Bloody Roots Year-End Metal Harvest: 2014 Highlights on Sirius XM

Host Ian Christe (“Sound of the Beast”/Bazillion Points) recaps 2014’s burning highlights in metal.

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Bloody Roots Full Metal Holiday Salute to Beer on Sirius XM

Join us for jolly rollicking drinking songs by Tank, Motorhead, Municipal Waste, Amebix, Barbatos, Tankard, Korpiklaani, Zimmers Hole and many more!

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Bloody Roots of 2014 Metal Instrumentals on Sirius XM

epic or quiet or headspinning new 2014 instrumental efforts by Carcass, Whitechapel, Earth, Agalloch, Morbus Chron, Broughton’s Rules, India’s Pangea, Animals as Leaders, and others

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Thurs 12/18, Olympia, WA: Bruce Pavitt + Calvin Johnson Celebrate SUB POP USA by Rocking the Public Library

On Thursday 12/18, Pavitt will go back to the town where Sub Pop began back in 1980, for a book signing and discussion hosted by the Olympia Public Library

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Bloody Roots Intro to NYHC: New York Hardcore on Sirius XM

NYHC bands like Agnostic Front, Nihilistics, Cause for Alarm, Cro-Mags, Reagan Youth, and many others banded together to create a hard, physical sound and culture that thrives to this day.

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Bloody Roots of AC/DC’s Dirty Metal Deeds on Sirius XM

Ride the lightning bolts with AC/DC covers by Six Feet Under, Exodus, Zeke, Lemmy, Iced Earth, Henry Rollins, Godflesh, Killdozer and more!

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Sat 12/6, Portland, OR: SUB POP USA Party at Reading Frenzy/Beacon Sound w/Bruce Pavitt & Selector Dub Narcotic

Sub Pop USA is a complete collection of Pavitt’s zine and Sub Pop USA columns for The Rocket.

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Inspirational Classic Metal + Punk Demo Cassettes

Whiplash: Kings With the Axes

Looks like someone in Holland got wise and re-released Whiplash’s 1984 Thunderstruk ...

Incubus: Were They Morbid? Yes.

Of course this isn’t the boy band Incubus, but it isn’t the ...

Dream Death: Never Thought Life Could Be So Damn Evil

In the annals of forgotten, unappreciated, worthy pioneers, Pittsburgh sludge lords Dream ...