Sat 11/29, Seattle: SUB POP USA Storms Small Business Saturday at Fantagraphics Gallery

“We need diverse, regionalized, localized approaches to all forms of art, music, and politics…the most intense music, the most original ideas are coming out of scenes you don’t even know exist."—Bruce Pavitt, 1980

Obsessed by Cookery! Annick “Morbid Chef” Giroux at MDF XI 2013

Annick "Morbid Chef" will be dealing in cruel aprons this Friday 5/24 around the Bazillion Points book table at Maryland Deathfest

New Van Halen Book Interview

Thanks to Neil Daniels for posting a brief, to-the-point interview with me about my Van Halen book at Somehow, he broke me...

New Van Halen Music?

Eddie Van Halen let one rip last night on some TV sitcom.

Forty Tons of Steel + Fire

The Serpent Mother is a 168-foot, 40-ton sculpture of steel and fire that shoots a multicolored 50-foot pillar of flame from its cute little...

Whiplash: Kings With the Axes

Looks like someone in Holland got wise and re-released Whiplash's 1984 Thunderstruk demo a few years back, and they're even keeping the CD available....

Bloody Roots of Metal Guitar, Part One: The 1970s on Sirius XM

Launching a monthlong investigation of metal guitar at the very beginning, the 1970s

WE GOT POWER!: New Video for the Middle Class’s Early Hardcore Classic “Out of...

Today, over 35 years since the release of "Out of Vogue," an official video has been released for the EP's title cut.

Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Heavy Metal Time-Lapse Recap 1983 to 2013

Checking the pulse of metal from 1983 to 2013 in highly opinionated five-year intervals, with tracks by Mercyful Fate, Slayer, Entombed, Sepultura, Death, Opeth, Gojira, and more!
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A LONG ONE! New HEAVY METAL MOVIES Blu-ray Releases for November 2016

And if you think this epic roundup of new release details for one month's Blu-ray offerings is insane, you are absolutely right!

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CRYPT OF KERBEROS: Swedish Death Metal Band of the Week

Here are the masters of horrifying audio hallucination, composers of the soundtrack to your worst nightmares: CRYPT OF KERBEROS.

Immortal @ Inferno 2007

A true Easter resurrection! Here's Immortal last Good Friday night in Oslo doing "Unholy Forces of Evil" complete with hair fan, dangerous flameburst and...

WE GOT POWER! Contribs FLAG Will Reignite Black Flag’s Legacy via North America Tour

WE GOT POWER! essay writers Keith Morris, Dez Cadena, and Chuck Dukowski have formed FLAG, and will reignite Black Flag's songs for more than a dozen North American dates in 2013

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