Anvil Bitch: Worst…Band…Name…Ever…

I know that's not exactly a raging recommendation, but for a time it seemed every banger on the block except me was shaking their...

ROOTS Metal Year in Review: The Beasts of 2018 | on SiriusXM

Roots catches the finest, most ferocious metal offerings of 2018 this week.

Bloody Roots of Tenth Albums by Unstoppable Metal Lifers on Sirius XM

High points, low points, and points of departure on tenth studio albums by a variety of unstoppable metal lifers

Swedish Death Metal Book Trailer

The book is always better than the YouTube, but with a few weeks to go before Daniel Ekeroth's Swedish Death Metal book is available,...

Roots of Swedish Death Metal Gods ENTOMBED on SiriusXM

Join us as we unearth the relentless power, melody, and groove of Stockholm, Sweden's, death metal magistrates Entombed

CARBONIZED Is the Swedish Death Metal Band of the Week

Johnsson described the last as sounding like: “the worst of Sonic Youth, Syd Barret-era Pink Floyd, old Black Flag, and Voivod.”

Bloody Roots of Death’s Scream Bloody Gore on Sirius XM

BLOODY ROOTS OF DEATH's SCREAM BLOODY GORE on Sirius XM Week of April 30, 2016 Sat 4/30, 6PM ET Sun 5/1, 1PM ET Mon 5/2, 9AM ET Tues 5/3,...

ROOTS of the Swedish Death Metal Invasion of 1991 | on SiriusXM

Grave-gargling Swedish death metal by Entombed, Dismember, Tiamat, Unleashed, Carbonized, Nirvana 2002, Therion, and Meshuggah

Roots of Funk Metal This Week on SiriusXM

Prepare for a lively, unbrutal hour of freaky, kinetic funk and metal conjured by Infectious Grooves, Funkadelic, Primus, Ignorance, Scatterbrain, Mr. Bungle, 24-7 Spyz, Sweaty Nipples, Maximum the Hormone, and much more
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Metallica’s New Music Video is a Trailer for an Upcoming Black Metal Biopic

The video feels like a parody, which is jarring in relation to the very real tragedy at the end of the original Mayhem history.

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