Fri 11/10, Peabody MA: STRAIGHT EDGE / xXx Release Party w/Kevin Seconds

Join Tony Rettman, author of the acclaimed NYHC: New York Hardcore, 1980-1990, as he discusses his headstrong new book, Straight Edge: A Clear-Headed Hardcore...

ETERNAL DARKNESS: Swedish Death Metal Band of the Week

If ETERNAL DARKNESS hailed from anywhere else, they would definitely had been kings of their scene!

Excitering News

I don't live in Ottawa, so this is weird. A couple weeks ago I was marching up Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, sending...

Bloody Roots of Death’s Scream Bloody Gore on Sirius XM

BLOODY ROOTS OF DEATH's SCREAM BLOODY GORE on Sirius XM Week of April 30, 2016 Sat 4/30, 6PM ET Sun 5/1, 1PM ET Mon 5/2, 9AM ET Tues 5/3,...

WE GOT POWER!: Fred Armisen’s Tribute to Jordan Schwartz & Herb Lienau

Comedian Fred Armisen has ventured back into Bazillion Points territory, this time posting a portrait of WE GOT POWER! author Jordan Schwartz and mainstay...

Decibel 100th Issue Party: No Puking Into Empty Bags

Some nonsense involving Tompa Lindberg of At the Gates/Grotesque and Bazillion Points publisher Ian Christe

NECRONY Is the Swedish Death Metal Band of the Week

From Örebro they came, and under the profound influence of Carcass they furiously flourished—one of the most over-the-top, off-with-their-heads, party-with-their-guts-out, goremonger cabals of their...

Perpetual Conversion: Nuclear Assault’s Final Flight, Holland, 12/12/15

Several months after the final European show by Nuclear Assault, and the bitter pain of loss still haunts the denim hordes. Danny Lilker's post-apocalyptic...

Hetfield or Hezbollah?

In honor of James Hetfield's alleged meet and greet with airport security officials in London, where the UK bombsniffers reportedly mistook his new Tom...
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Thursday, 9/19: Laina Dawes Talks “Women in Metal” at Noctis Metal Festival

The ambitious three-day Noctis festival will also feature performances by top-tier metal bands including Carcass, Revenge, Candlemass, Girlschool, Pagan Altar, Blasphemy, and Possessed.

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Oink-less Pork on Your Plate?

Welcome to the science fiction world of future sausage...the amusing illustration above comes from a story I just wrote for Popular Mechanics about lab-grown...

Happy 60th Birthday to Drum Demon Phil Rudd of AC/DC

Here's Rudd in a NICE sweater, flanked by Angus Young, Bon Scott and Mark Evans, a photo from Mark Evans's tremendous book about the early days of the band

April 2014: Cauchemar “Dark Meditations” Tour Canada/Europe

Hellbent for Cooking author Annick Giroux's excellent band Cauchemar is going on tour.

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