Sun 12/20, New Jersey: NYHC Author Tony Rettman Signs at the Man Cave

NYHC author Tony Rettman will be signing of his book, alongside authors Mickey Hess (Ol' Dirty Bastard: The Dirty Version), Jim Sheers (This Is What You Want, This Is What You Get) and Harry Camisa (Inside Out).

Roots of 21st Century Metal Comebacks | on SiriusXM

Featuring bands dormant for ten years or more, including Carcass, Angel Witch, Cirith Ungol, Exhorder, At the Gates, Sacred Reich, Sleep

Infernal Death: Church Is Bleeding!

"Infernal Death was the best-kept secret in the metal scene for years. Too bad all of the band members are dead now. Email me...

Swedish Sensationsfilms Weekly: The Bloodiest Murder

Eight liters of pig's blood will wash away their horny smirk.

Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Swedish Death Metal With Guest Daniel Ekeroth

All through July, Bloody Roots launches its tenth year of weekly metal history lessons and celebrates five years of Bazillion Points Books.

HEAVY METAL MOVIES Hails 666 of the Most Metallic Movie Moments Ever (Times Two!)

Heavy Metal Movies is the ultimate guidebook to the complete molten musical cinema experience.

Bazillion Points Revives Albert Mudrian’s CHOOSING DEATH; Death Metal & Grindcore History Exhumed in...

Publishers Weekly: "Mudrian, editor-in-chief of Decibel magazine, condenses painstaking and lengthy interviews to create this informative history of death metal."

MURDER IN THE FRONT ROW: The Smithsonian on Bay Area Thrash Metal

The scholars behind this crucial work obviously consulted the copies of MURDER IN THE FRONT ROW on file up the hill at the Library of Congress

HEAVY METAL MOVIES: The Fifth-Most Metal Moment in Movie History Turns Thirty-Four

Only four moments in movie history ooze more metallic fury than this animated massacre set to Dio-era Black Sabbath
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ROOTS Salutes Death by Metal, the Chuck Schuldiner Documentary, on SiriusXM

ROOTS Salutes Death by Metal—the Chuck Schuldiner Documentary—on SiriusXM w/special guest Felipe Belalcazar week of July 7, 2018 Sat 7/7, 6PM ET Sun 7/8, 1PM ET Mon 7/9, 9AM...

Drill Baby, Drill

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Roots of Motörhead Worship on Sirius XM

Bulldozer, Sodom, Disfear, Midnight, Inepsy, Iron Bastards, Tank, Girlschool, Superchrist, Gehennah, and more.

Black Metal Relic: Slayer Mag # 3/4 From 1986 Is Up for Grabs

The Slayer Mag Archives are opening up a little and releasing some treasure.

Dream Death: Never Thought Life Could Be So Damn Evil

In the annals of forgotten, unappreciated, worthy pioneers, Pittsburgh sludge lords Dream Death loom large. I took some heat after Sound of the Beast...

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