Sat 2/10 & Sun 2/11, L.A.: West Coast STRAIGHT EDGE Weekend Events

Come freak on some of the best current bands in hardcore and a panel discussion featuring Tony Rettman, Jon Roa (Justice League, End To End, Eyelid), Dan O'Mahony, Jonathan Anastas (DYS), and more!

METALION: Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Turns 20

"And what is MAYHEM? Well, it is something as rare as a TOTAL DEATH METAL group! AAARRRGGGHHHH!"—Slayer Mag 3/4, 1986

Go Directly to Superjail

Another guy named Christe who lives in my neighborhood is responsible for this unending spree of pain and violence, and it's soon to be...

“You both 21?” Lemmy and Ronnie James Dio

"What happened to those beers somebody was just bragging about?"—Ronnie Dio

3/30–4/7, New York: IFC Center Screens WFMU Doc “Sex & Broadcasting”

Back in 1992, when Metallica's Black Album and Nirvana's Nevermind were still new albums, and AxCx, Mayhem, and Eyehategod all had zero full-length releases,...

ROOTS Salute to Queen | Metal History on SiriusXM

ROOTS Salute to Queen | Metal History on SiriusXM Week of November 3, 2018 Sat 11/3, 6PM ET Sun 11/4, 1PM ET Mon 11/5, 9AM ET Tues 11/6, 4PM...

NEW BOOK ALERT! Preorder CITY BABY, Ross Lomas’ Hilarious/Harrowing G.B.H Memoir!

PRE-ORDER CITY BABY by Ross Lomas Hear ye, hear ye, we are announcing the November 2015 North American release of the incomparable hardcore punk memoir CITY BABY:...

Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Progressive Metal: The 1990s

With guest Jeff Wagner (Mean Deviation), Bloody Roots hits the 1990s prog metal jackpot with Dream Theater, Coroner, Amorphis, Arcturus, Cynic, Opeth, and more!

Mean Deviation: Jeff Wagner Talks Progressive Metal

In his Noise Pollution blog for the Owensboro, KY, Messenger-Inquirer, reporter Jim Mayse queries Bazillion Points author Jeff Wagner about his upcoming book Mean...
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Bloody Roots Tenth Anniversary Full Impact Metal Dance Party on Sirius XM

This week's show celebrates ten years of weekly heavy metal history lessons with a litany of bonecracking songs about moshing, stagediving, headbanging, and otherwise going crazy to the strains of pure unadulterated METAL.

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This week's heavy metal history lesson marks 20 years since the 1994 release of one of heavy metal's most controversial and cursed recordings.

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