Bloody Roots of Viking Metal on Sirius XM

Heed the call of the horns of Enslaved, Bathory, Manowar, Windir, Ensiferum, Tyr, Helheim, Amon Amarth, Viking Throne, and others.

Demonax: Never Heard, No Not a Sound

I've been listening to a lot of Diamond Head and NWOBHM singles lately, maybe that's why this molten metal 1985 demo from Connecticut's Demonax...

ENFORCER: Lost and Found in Chicago

I'll admit it, the demo queue is very, very long around here—I'm always glad to knock one off the stack when a high-quality reissue...

Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Darkthrone

In honor of Darkthrone's new record, The Underground Resistance, and 25 years of unrelenting exploration of metal

The Death Dealer’s Van Spotted in Brooklyn

Dinged-up black '70s van, blacked-out windows, gold Cirith Ungol placard on the dash...

WE GOT POWER!: Dez Cadena Talks w/NYHC Author Tony Rettman

Dez Cadena discusses his musical upbringing, his time in both Black Flag and the Misfits, and his recent battle with throat cancer.

Roots of Funk Metal | on SiriusXM

A lively, unbrutal hour of freaky, kinetic funk and metal conjured by Infectious Grooves, Funkadelic, Primus, Ignorance, Scatterbrain, Mr. Bungle, 24-7 Spyz, and more.

Roots of Second Singers on Sirius XM

What changes in songwriting, style, and sound do new singers really bring?

Punk’s Leading Abba Expert Sounds Off

When Florida weekly magazine Folio needed sage perspective and insight on Abba for a local concert preview, of course they turned to Meatmen mainman Tesco Vee
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Roots Farewell to Slayer, Part IV: The Final Command | on SiriusXM

Picking up with the return of original drummer Dave Lombardo in 2002 and continuing through the Christ Illusion, World Painted Blood, and Repentless albums.

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Sirius XM Bloody Roots of Teenage Metal Sensations

Tracks by teen terrors Possessed, Nihilist, Dust, Metallica, Cro Mags, Emperor, Decapitated, plus current-day youngsters Unlocking the Truth, Heene Boyz, and Babymetal.

TEEN MUSIC HELL: Missing Persons from LUNCH WAGON (1981) | The Official Teen Movie Hell Mixtape

Welcome to a way out, Walkman-melting, battery-sucking hit parade of teen comedy soundtrack cuts assembled by Mike “McBeardo” McPadden, author of TEEN MOVIE HELL:...

Bloody Roots Salutes 30 Years of Slayer’s Reign in Blood on SiriusXM

We slice cut by cut through Reign in Blood in all its violent glory.

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