Roots of Metal and Orchestral Collaborations | on SiriusXM

Are orchestral collaborations overindulgent, or the ultimate expression of metal majesty?

Mark Evans Recounts His Classic AC/DC Days in Sweden Rock

Dirty Deeds author Mark Evans is probably the only known core ex-member of a giant musical entity ever to be invited and then (after...

Traci Lords Gropes Some Heavy Summer Reading

Traci Lords has her hands full this summer with Heavy Metal Movies.

Sound of the Beast: Ian Christe on the Danko Jones Podcast…Twice!

Ian Christe has guested twice on Danko’s robust and engaging show, and here's a roundup of appearances

Bloody Roots of Recent Corpse-Crunching Death Metal From All Over the Place on Sirius...

Ian Christe sticks his well-traveled spade into the freshly-tossed earth of graves worldwide

Roots Farewell to Slayer, Part I: The Early Years on SiriusXM

As the band starts its final tour, we launch headfirst into a series of episodes examining each phase of Slayer's 35-year reign.

Incinerator: Hot Hot Heat

Global warming and 100-degree weather in the city this summer doesn't seem so bad compared to being incinerated and cremated for an eternity in...

TOUCH AND GO Book Peek Sneak

New arrival today at Bazillion Points HQ, as the printer sent us the first dripping wet samples of Touch and Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine '79-'83.

HELLBENT for COOKING Release Party: Montreal, Dec. 5

Are you in Montreal this weekend? Are you near Canada? Are you even half-alive? "Morbid Chef" and hellfire commando DJ Annick Giroux is throwing...
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Roots Metal Farewell Salute to KISS | on Sirius XM

Kiss originals reveal the heavier side of the legendary band, plus tributes by legions of bands for whom Kiss was their first hard rock love.

Daniel Ekeroth: “I Wanted to Document the Initial Swedish Death Metal Scene Before It Was Forgotten”

Daniel Ekeroth: "Even if the book was only one of the catalysts for making that happen, I am very proud."

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