Strange Fruit

Black metal parodies are never funny..oh wait, this one is! Thanks PatD!

Mean Deviation Author Weighs in on Voivod’s Target Earth

So with Voivod beaming its new Target Earth release over the world, we had to yank Jeff Wagner out of his listening cave for a deep-thinking verdict

Bloody Roots of Werewolves in Metal on Sirius XM

Ian Christe summons a vicious pack of half-human predators. Howl for your Roooooooots!

SiriusXM Bloody Roots of Metal Genre-Jumpers

Small surprise that some of the most creative minds in heavy music have hopped from heavy metal to grindcore to industrial to death metal to funk and back again.

SWEDISH DEATH METAL: After 30 Years, Now MEFISTO Has a Debut Album

Lo and behold, one of Sweden's oldest extreme metal acts has released its debut (!!) album, a ripe 30 years after releasing arcane classic demos like...

Bloody Roots of Metal: When Animals Attack! on Sirius XM

Demented zookeepers include Exodus, Wehrmacht, Rainbow, Caninus, Hatebeak, Satyricon, Morbid Angel, Eagle Claw, Nunslaughter, Saint Vitus, and many many more.

Bloody Roots of Metal’s Ultra-Heavy Progressive Fringes on Sirius XM

Emerging from various scenes including death metal, doom, and technical progressive metal, bands including Gorguts, Ahab, SubRosa, the Ocean, Cult of Luna, and Ne Obliviscaris

Bloody Roots of Newbjorn Swedish Death Metal on Sirius XM

BLOODY ROOTS OF NEWBJORN SWEDISH DEATH METAL Week of May 2, 2015 Sat 5/2, 6PM ET Sun 5/3, 1PM ET Mon 5/4, 9AM ET Tues 3/19, 4PM ET Thurs 3/21,...

MURDER IN THE FRONT ROW: METALLICA’s Orion Fest Presents Live Q&A With Brian Lew

Upcoming this weekend (June 23 - June 24), Metallica's heralded Orion Music + More Festival will present Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold, Modest Mouse, Roky...
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Skin of Skunk Anansie Pens Foreword to “What Are You Doing Here?”

Legendary performer Skin, frontwoman of Skunk Anansie, has penned a foreword titled "Who Put That Shaven-Headed Black Woman on the Stage?" for the forthcoming...

Swedish Death Metal Awaits…

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MURDER IN THE FRONT ROW: Brian Lew’s Whiplash Zine Makeover for Metallica’s Fan Mag

Self-published periodicals connected metalheads and tape traders all over the planet in the days—a kind of long-haired, paper and glue version of the Internet.

Sirius XM Bloody Roots Full Metal Salute to Beer

This week's heavy metal history lesson reveals exclusively, after years of study, the liquid link discovered by leading scientists between heavy metal music and the ancient golden nectar, beer.

Brooklyn, 4/26: Path of Descent Art Show at Saint Vitus Bar

Saint Vitus in Brooklyn has just announced Tuesday, April 26, as the date for the “Path of Descent” art show, featuring work by two dozen...

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